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"Anthony's techniques from start to finish are state of the art. This results in the freshest stone crab claws possible. Anthony is a native to Anna Maria Island and knows how to produce the world finest stone crab claws! Every year my family and I can not wait to sink our teeth into his jumbo size Stone Crab Claws!"

-Owner/Operator of Galati Yachts Sales
Anna Maria Island, Florida

"Anthony’s stone crab claws are the biggest I have ever seen. They are always fresh and delicious, I highly recommend them! You will never go wrong, they are simply the best!"

-Dr. Andy and Amy Sharma,
Ocala, Florida

"I've been eating stone crab claws for over 50 years and Captain Anthony's are the freshest and tastiest I’ve ever had. For the largest and best Crab Claws, I always call the Captain!"

-Anne Rhea,
Homosassa, Florida

"I grew up in Florida and had the privilege of eating fresh seafood my entire life. However, nothing comes close to Captain Anthony's Stone Crab Claws! They are flavorful, juicy, and full of meat. Nothing compares to Captain Anthony's in terms of taste, quantity, and most important, quality!"

-Ashley Yawn,
Ocala, Florida

"I always order my stone crab claws from Captain Anthony. You can always count on them being fresh just like you caught them yourself! I live in Knoxville, Tenn. so I have to count on my delivery to be fresh. I have never been let down! I highly recommend you try an order... you will not be let down. The Manali’s take great pride in what they do. It’s nice to know I can count on them for fresh seafood even in Knoxville!"

-Julia & David White,
Knoxville, Tennessee

"I don't even know where to begin to let you know how wonderful Capt. Anthony's stone crab claws are!! They are always fresh, big, and delicious. My husband says they are the best he's ever had and I agree!"

-Patty Lizanich,
Seminole Hard Rock, Tampa, Florida

"Let me tell you about Capt. Anthony's stone crab claws. You don't know what you're missing if you don’t try them as they are the most delicious, freshest and succulent stone crab claws we've ever eaten. Watch out or they will really spoil you!"

-Florence Allred and Family,
Sun City, Florida

"Being born in Florida I have always enjoyed fresh seafood, especially stone crab claws. After moving "North" from the sunshine state I was unable to find stone crab claws in the market, restaurant, or Fed-Ex outfits that matched my high standards and childhood memory. Following a visit to Anna Maria Island and hooking up with Anthony crab claws, life has become a little better: Mid-West winds now howl a little quieter and Chicago snows blow a bit warmer on winter crab claw get-togethers with family and friends."

-Paul R & Kathy White,
Chicago, Illinois

"I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have one BIG party a year around the Christmas Holiday. I ask Anthony to send a large order of stone crab claws for my party... My guests love the claws! They arrive fresh, tasty and delicious!! I serve them hot with melted butter and lemons! Yum, Yum!"

-Aloha, Nancy Manali
Honolulu, Hawaii

"I've lived in Florida a long time and never knew what a stone crab was. I just thought a crab was a crab. Nor did I know about the time, effort and dedication it takes not only to catch them but to prepare them, until I met Anthony down on Anna Maria Island. Not only is he an avid and awesome fisherman, but he got to be the best chef I have ever met. He made us the most incredible, mouthwatering crab cakes we have ever eaten. I have never had anything like that in my life. We will be so very sad when the season closes, you can't get these stone crab claws just anywhere or anytime, but thanks to Anthony we will keep coming back for more and more. Thank You Anthony for waking us up and tantalizing our taste buds!"

-Maria and Sam Jackson,
Riverview, Florida

"Just want to take a moment and tell you how wonderful the stone crab claws that I received from Florida. Is it the cooler water temperature at Anna Maria Island that makes your crab claws sweeter and the texture good? Your stone crab claws are by far much tastier than crabs that I have received from the Keys!"

The condition of the crab claws that I received from you was great -- from the packaging to the excellent quality and freshness of the crab claws! They taste like they were caught today!

I strongly recommend anyone looking for the freshest stone crab claws to buy them from Capt. Anthony!"

-James and Kathy Alderman Sr.,
CEO/OWNER Alderman Farms,
Boynton Beach, Florida

"Stone crab claws are the highlight of our yearly trips to Florida and Anna Maria Island. After every vacation to "our" island, we talk about all the wonderful adventures unique to that wonderful Sandbar -- The Rod and Reel Pier, white sand beaches, green water, sea turtle watches, bike rides, quiet warm nights, breakfast on the beach,and the stone crab claw dinners. Now we can bring all those memories north and year round thanks to Anthony and his mail order claws. Keep catching, pulling a claw and throwing them back... Anthony we love ya!"

-Paul White Jr.,
New York, New York

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